time savings outline

Tasks recruiting procedure

Average time needed without Next

Average time needed with Next

Writing job requirements
and job description

30 minutes

30 minutes plus 30 minutes
for informing Next

Writing text for advertisement
and having layout made for

30 minutes

Next will take on this part
through its pro-active approach
of locating the quality candidates
you are looking for!

Select and contact media
in which advertisement should
be placed

15 minutes

Screen layout advertisement,
correct if needed,
have advertisement finalized

15 minutes

Dealing with incoming calls of
prospective candidates who
are interested and would like
to get more information

approximately 30 calls:
4 minutes a call

Screen resumes

approximately 30 resumes:
5 minutes per resume

Identify 10 most suited
candidates and screen them
to get to the best 5 to invite
for an interview

10 x 5 minutes

Sending letters to candidates
who have not made the

25 x 5 minutes

Sending invitations to
candidates that have made
the shortlist

5 x 10 minutes

Call to receive confirmation
of candidate that they are able to show up at the interview

5 x 5 minutes

Scheduling of interviews and
doing the interviews

5 x 60 minutes

Having second interviews
with strongest candidates

2 x 60 minutes

2 x 60 minutes

Making decision in regards to
hiring which candidate

30 minutes

30 minutes

Sending written rejection
letters to those who will
not be offered the position

4 x 10 minutes

Next will take on this part

Making offer to best candidate
and sending written
confirmation of it

30 minutes

Reference checks

3 x 20 minutes

Time needed in total:
19 hours and 50 minutes

Time needed in total:
3 hours and 30 minutes